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About Us

Sistas On The Links (SOTL) is one of the oldest and largest African American women’s golf clubs in California. SOTL is a supportive and inclusive community of women dedicated to uniting and exposing Black women and girls to the game of golf. We prioritize creating a safe and accepting space for our members to build meaningful relationships and shared experiences.

Our Mission

Unite and expose African American women and girls to golf.

Provide opportunities to golf in an environment of encouragement and acceptance.

Support member efforts to strengthen golf skills, rules understanding, and etiquette.

Support members in reaching their golf goals through networking, mentoring, and social activities.

Introduce golf to young women and girls and nurture their golf and educational growth.

Our Focus

SOTL is a 100+ member women's golf club headquartered in the Bay Area.


Introduce our members to the game of golf and supporting their learning experience.


Annual golfer’s swap-meet to barter gently used golf equipment and clothing among members.


Encourage golf tournament play with our club and with our Partner clubs.


Help our members feel comfortable on the golf course, including playing the game, the language, rules and etiquette.

Little Sistas Golf Program

Support Little Sistas golf development through clinics and scholarships.


Acknowledge member accomplishments and growth.


Offer organized golf events and player development opportunities for both beginner and experienced golfers.

Golf Knowledge

Provide our members with resources and tools needed grow their golf IQ through webinars, Zoom meetings, golf clinics, and on the golf course training programs.

Our Founder

Janet L. Johnson | Founder & President

"We want to continue to nurture our members, build them up, and help them feel comfortable and assured they belong on the golf course."


Sistas On The Links (SOTL), was founded by president and founder Janet Johnson in 2008. SOTL was a gift given to her in the midst of grief.  As a way of dealing with the loss of her son to Lupus in 2007. A friend suggested she get back out on the golf course and use golf to help her focus and cope with the loss of her son. Feeling isolated and underrepresented in a golf club where she was the only Black woman in the group, Janet decided to step out in faith and to start a golf club for Black women. Her goal was to form a golfing club that would unite and expose Black women and girls to golf. Under her leadership, SOTL continues its journey to create a safe and accepting space for Black women to have fun, bond, and create lasting relationships through golf. What started as an email chain in July 2008 has grown into a 100-plus sistahood of Black women golfers across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Our Leadership

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